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What is pet insurance?

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Insurance protects you

Insurance is clear: you cannot know what will happen in your life, but insurance protects you at least financially against unpleasant surprises . It’s no different with your four-legged darling. His life also carries risks that can quickly push you to your financial limits – and in the worst case you have to decide between treating your loved one or putting them to sleep.

Good to know : The protection of dog liability also consists in fending off unjustified claims for damages against the insured

How expensive are operations & complex treatments?
You have planned the veterinarian costs for the regular worming, a vaccination before the vacation trip or the castration in your budget. But what are the costs of unforeseen illnesses, injuries or old age illnesses of your four-legged friend?

Basically, there are two types of pet insurance:

  • Animal owner liability insurance
    Animals are incapable of guilt before the law. If your four-legged friend causes damage to or with third parties, you as the owner are liable with all of your assets . The pet owner’s liability insurance assumes this risk and pays for any damage.
  • Animal Health & Animal Surgery Insurance
    If your darling falls ill or has an accident, veterinary treatment costs can quickly skyrocket. The animal health insurance and the animal surgery insurance cover the costs of his treatment, including aftercare.

Tax tips

for dog owners

Which costs can you deduct?

Tax tips for dog owners
What costs can you deduct from your taxes as a dog owner?

With dog liability insurance, you protect yourself against financial risks if your dog does something. You can claim the contributions to this insurance in your tax return. The tax office recognizes these costs as a special expense.

Unfortunately, you only have a few other options for tax deducting costs caused by your four-legged friend. In addition to dog liability insurance, you can state your expenses for a pet hairdresser . Important: You can only deduct your costs when the pet hairdresser comes to your home. If you go to a hair salon, it’s not possible.

You can also include the services of a pet sitter in your tax return who takes care of your dog, for example when you are traveling. As with the animal hairdresser, the same applies here: Your darling must be looked after in your own four walls .

If you have any questions, TIVERSOwill be happy to help you.

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Dog liability

The dog liability insurance is an indispensable coverage. Because for the damages of the animal every animal owner must pay and that in unlimited height. Your dog overestimates itself again and arrives with half a tree, instead of a stick that is adapted to its size, if it comes to a car it will be very expensive. So that this is not a problem for you, the dog liability offers the perfect protection.

Dogs operation insurance

High costs can quickly arise during an operation. If your dog gets sick and needs surgery, you are protected from the financial risks. And can exclusively take care of the well-being of your favorite.

Dog health insurance

We want that our animal is optimally cared for in case of illness. In the case of a serious injury or illness, treatment can not only be tedious, but also very expensive. The best possible treatment can put you in financial straits. With health insurance for your dog, you don’t have to worry about that.

Cats operation insurance

If your cat gets sick, has an accident and even needs an operation, it can quickly become expensive. With cat operation insurance, you protect yourself from high veterinary costs and you can take care of your pet’s recovery.

Cat health insurance

We want that our animal is optimally cared for in case of illness. In the case of a serious injury or illness, treatment can not only be tedious, but also very expensive. The best possible treatment can put you in financial straits. With health insurance for your cat, you don’t have to worry about that.

Horse liability insurance

The horse liability insurance is probably the most important for horse owners, because you are liable for all damages and unlimited amount. It can be a riding accident or an unwanted cover act, an insurance company pays for these high claims for damages.

Horses Operational insurance

We want that our animal is optimally cared for in case of illness. Especially in the case of a serious injury or illness, the treatment can not only be lengthy, but an operation can also be very expensive. A possible surgery can put you in financial straits.

Horses health insurance

As a horse owner, you know that maintenance and food are very expensive. Then come veterinary costs, it becomes expensive. Horse health insurance helps to reduce costs significantly. No horse owner wants to see their beloved animal get sick or hurt. Diseases and accidents are not always avoidable. If several examinations come together in one year, this insurance is worthwhile in any case.

Horse life insurance

Animals unfortunately often live too short, the horse gets sick and dies from the consequences, nobody does worry about the following high costs. The costs of veterinary care and a dignified removal are incurred. Horse life insurance relieves the animal owners of the financial risks.

Frequent insurance benefits

For dogs

  • Tumor: Tumors are not that rare in dogs – skin tumors are the most common. In a tumor operation you have to reckon with around 400.- €. In difficult cases the costs can easily rise to over 1000.-€.
  • Tooth extraction: Tooth extraction is also one of the typical operations on dogs. Costs: From 200.-€
  • Joint surgery : Hip bone or elbow dysplasia is a malformation of the hip joint. It is more common in certain breeds such as the Golden Retriever, the Boxer or the Bernese Mountain Dog . If a joint operation is necessary, you must expect costs from about 1000.-€.
  • Gastric torsion: it is the nightmare of all dog owners. Theonly rescue is usually an emergency operation, which costs 1200.-€ and more.

For cats

  • Intestinal obstruction: Your kitten has swallowed wool while playing. The result is an intestinal obstruction that requires immediate surgery. Costs with subsequent inpatient treatment: more than 1000.- €
  • Tumor : In recent years, tumor diseases have also increased in cats. The costs of an operation including the follow-up treatment range from € 300 to € 2,000
  • Urinary stone removal : Urinary stone is not uncommon, especially in older cats. The veterinary costs of a urinary stone removal under anesthesia are easily up to € 350
  • Cruciate ligament rupture : Your cat jumped unhappily and is lame on its left paw? Then the cruciate ligaments could be torn. The cost of operation is about 1000.- €

For horses

  • Colic : Colic (abdominal pain) often occurs after food changes or worm infestation. They can quickly become dangerous. If your horse doesn’t respond to medication, only colic operation will help. The costs range between € 3,500 and € 10,000
  • Removing a molar tooth: The complete treatment of a molar tooth costs up to € 2,500
  • Tendonitis and tendon injuries are among the most common symptoms of the tendon apparatus in horses. The causes are, among other things, poor soil conditions , but also overweight and incorrect loads . The cost of treatment of the veterinarian is about 600.- €
  • Bone cyst: Bone cysts are small cavities in the bones, especially in the knee and toe joints of horses. They are manifested in the swellingof the joint. The cost of a surgical procedure to remove the cysts is about 2000.- €.