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Insurance Manager

We at TIVERSO give you neutral advice and look for the right insurance for you and your pet. We compare countless rates, keep track of everything for you and look at the fine print.

This means that you always know how your four-legged friend is protected, which services you can take advantage of and what costs you may have to face.

Change service

When you switch to TIVERSO, you not only benefit from excellent insurance services and a wide variety.

We advise you free of charge and also give you MORE exclusive services on our TIVERSO Card – because the health and safety of your four-legged friend is just as important to us as you are!

Consulting Service

Our consultation shows that your darling is TOP insured – no problem.

With our care service, which is free of charge for you, everything stays the same for your insurance contract and you still receive all the exclusive benefits of the TIVERSO Card – with us your four-legged friend has VIP status!

Service times:
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Mon. – Fr. 08.00 – 20.00
Sat. 08.00 – 16.00

Animal liability insurance

Animals are incapable of guilt before the law. If your four-legged friend causes damage to or with third parties, you as the owner are liable with all of your assets . The pet owner’s liability insurance assumes this risk and pays for any damage.

Animal surgery insurance

If your darling falls ill or has an accident, veterinary treatment costs can quickly skyrocket. The animal health insurance and the animal surgery insurance cover the costs of his treatment, including aftercare.

Animal health insurance

If your darling falls ill or has an accident, veterinary treatment costs can quickly skyrocket. The animal health insurance and the animal surgery insurance cover the costs of his treatment, including aftercare.

Scale of fees for veterinarians

Scale of fees for veterinarians (GOT)
It is intended to prevent price alone from determining the choice of veterinarian – and thus ultimately jeopardizing the quality of treatment. And it should protect the pet owner from arbitrary fees:
The fee schedule for veterinarians – GOT for short – regulates the remuneration of veterinary services. It is absolutely binding for all veterinarians. The fee of different veterinarians may well differ from each other. The GOT does not name a total price, but rather specifies a framework within which the fees may move – a kind of price corridor with the simple billing rate on the one hand and four times the maximum on the other.

The higher rate is not arbitrary, but depends on particular circumstances of the treatment. Medical reasons also play a role, such as an aggressive or particularly fearful animal that stubbornly (and successfully) defends itself against the treatment. But time also plays a role if the animal has to be treated at the weekend or at night in the event of an emergency, as does the medical and diagnostic equipment of the practice or the personnel expenditure.

The veterinarian can take all of these factors into account in his cost statement – if he deems it appropriate. The veterinary fee schedule GOT is public. You can research the fee rates here in order to estimate the possible costs of a treatment in advance.

Quelle: Bundestierärztekammer / Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte


How does the video consultation with your veterinarian work?
Save time and travel. Learn what helps.

Your dog has diarrhea. He seems lethargic. Your cat’s eyes are very red and watery. The injection site was stung at your horse by an insect, swells rapidly sharply. You are undecided. Do you have to go to an emergency veterinary practice with your animal immediately or can you wait until the regular consultation with your veterinarian?

The online video consultation with a veterinarian is particularly useful in cases in which you cannot assess your pet’s health problems. In the video chat, you describe what happened as precisely as possible and describe the symptoms . Helpful are recordings of the discomfort with your smartphone camera and photos. After the initial diagnosis , the veterinarian recommends the first therapeutic measures, depending on the severity of the case, he will refer you and your four-legged patient to the nearest emergency service.

In a video consultation you do not meet your vet in the practice, but you are connected to him online. All you need for a digital vet visit is a smartphone or laptop or an internet-enabled computer with a camera, microphone and loudspeaker.

If the online vet can not clearly assess the symptoms from a distance , your darling must be examined in a practice. The doctor will tell you the nearest emergency practice or veterinary clinic.

Are you ready to start your first online video consultation?

  • Vet appointment location independent & around the clock
  • No unnecessary travel & waiting time
  • Initial medical assessment with recommendations for action
  • veterinary second opinion
  • fast help with health problems of your pet during vacation

Book video consultation

Want to book a video consultation?
With the animal health card from TIVERSO you enjoy exclusive benefits:

TIVERSO + FirstVet

Video consultation with the experienced veterinarians of our partner FirstVet

  • The first video consultation is free of charge for you.
  • For each additional booking you will receive a 30% discount.

TIVERSO + VETpro online

You want veterinary advice from specialist veterinarians?

  • 2 free requests per calendar year
  • For each additional request you get 30% discount

Video consultation at FirstVet

How does a video consultation at the online veterinarian FirstVet work?

Not sure if you should go to a veterinarian for your pet’s ailments? Looking for veterinary advice or emergency veterinary help? The experienced veterinarians of FirstVet are your competent contact persons. No matter where you are. 365 days a year.

  1. First, download the FirstVet app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create an account there with your email address and mobile number.
  3. Enter information about your pet (s) in your account. FirstVet offers video consultation hours for dogs and cats, horses, reptiles and small animals such as rabbits.
  4. Select the animal for which you want to book the video consultation. Describe his symptoms as precisely as possible and upload photos or videos that may be important for the diagnosis. Have documents such as the vaccination certificate or diagnostic documents ready in case the FirstVet veterinarian asks you about previous illnesses or ongoing treatments.
  5. Shortly before the start of the video consultation, FirstVet will send you the access link in an email to start the video conference.
  6. If your animal has more serious problems and should receive veterinary treatment immediately, the FirstVet veterinarians will refer you to the nearest emergency practice or veterinary clinic. You will receive a comprehensive file of your four-legged patient for the referral.
  7. Appointment cancellation: You can cancel a booked appointment up to 60 minutes before the start of the video consultation. You have two options: Either you change your appointment yourself in the FirstVet app under “My appointments” or you contact FirstVet at to cancel or rebook your appointment.
    FirstVet’s telephone customer service is available weekdays from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
    Phone: +49 800 126 96 30
  8. Please note: FirstVet’s vets will help with the initial veterinary assessment of your pet’s acute complaints. If the complaints persist or the condition worsens, the video consultation cannot replace a visit to the vet. Even if the FirstVet vet determines that your pet needs a prescription, they will refer you to the local vet.

FirstVet is a digital veterinary clinic that offers video consultations with veterinarians on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Many ailments of your animal can be treated comfortably from home with the recommendations of the veterinarians at FirstVet. Since its introduction in 2016, FirstVet has already been able to help more than 400,000 pet owners worldwide.

The veterinarians from FirstVet have a state license (license to practice medicine) in Germany and have many years of professional experience. FirstVet provides its services in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the veterinary chambers and associations. The performance remuneration is based on the GOT (fee schedule for veterinarians).

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