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You need food, accessories and much more for your darling? Browse the shoppingworld, shop directly from our partners and enjoy many benefits.

Hopefully, the next holiday is coming soon. Your pet can not be missing, of course! In the holidayworld we show you the best platforms and locations where your dog is welcome.

You have questions about the different areas around your animal? Take a look at our world of knowledge, which we regularly expand for you. On the topics of health and insurance, traveling with dogs or exciting cultural history – we offer you a wide range.
There’s something missing. Let us know. We’ll take care of it.


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TIVERSO Card – a card that is worth it:

All exclusive services of the TIVERSO Card are also available without taking out insurance.

Get your card and get over 500€ worth of benefits.

TIVERSO Voucher card

You would like to try out our telemedicine offer yourself or give it away.

Get our gift card and give yourself or your friends a free video consultation with our telemedicine partners FirstVet.

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