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Making insurance a tangible experience – we have taken this to heart.

Away from the old small print and opaque insurance confusion – into the new transparent togetherness.

Because “care” is easy MORE means we see it as our duty to provide our animals with the same health care as we do ourselves.

We at TIVERSO are a passionate team of animal owners who are actively involved in the protection and health of our animals, both on a job and on a voluntary basis.

Tammy – the squirrel represents all the animals in our society. Tammy wants to have fun, live socially with fellow species, not worry about her health and take care of bad times.

That’s why we founded the Competence Center Animal and want to redefine animal insurance. We work every day to create more value. Exclusive benefits and additional services are the main thing for us. Your pet is the VIP!

Be like Tammy – have fun and take care!

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Milestones in the insurance industry

(1) The birth of the insurance idea

“For the damage is borne more easily by many than by a few. ”

Nearly 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonian ruler Hammurapi decreed in the legal text “Codex Hammurapi” that the economic damage suffered by a member of a merchant caravan by means of extinction or violence should be shared by all:

“The participants of a caravanshall contractuallyundertake that the damage caused to the individual by robberyor assault shall be borne jointly. ”

So this is it – the original text of the insurance idea: The financial risk, which is unforeseeablefor the individual, is spread over many shoulders.

Codex Hammurapi: The Codex Hammurapi dates back to the ancient Babylonian ruler Hammurapi (1790-1750 BC). The text, which is about 3,800 years old, is considered one of the oldest collections of humankind.

(2) The Hamburg Firebox

Another highlight in the history of the insurance industry is the HamburgerFire Insurance.

At the end of the 16th century, Hamburgbrewer owners concluded so-calledfire contracts, in which they pledged mutualsupport in the event of a fire. Because even if a fire could be extinguished in time, the people affected were usually facing ruinand were condemnedto beg. Burning victims were even explicitly allowed to collect money by means of a special document issued by the authorities, the “Beggar’s letter. ”

Almost 100 years later, in 1676, the council and citizens of the city of Hamburg merged the existing fire contracts and founded the “Hamburger Feuerkasse. ” It is thus the oldest insurance company in the world and has become a model for fire insurance in many other cities.

(3) Lloyd‘s of London:

Extremely Trust

Let no one doubt the word of a Lloyd’s insurer: When the Titaniccollided with an iceberg on the morning of April 14, 1912, Lloyd’s Insurance Exchange was asked if the riskof her loss could be insured.

Even though rumours of the disaster are already being spread, everyone still believes that can’t sink.. Also the insurance agent for Lloyds who’s working on the coverrequest. He confirms the insurance and agrees to sign the contract for the following day.

A short time later: The Titanic has sunk, taking 1,500 people to their deaths. Übersetzen Lloyd’s Agent stands by his wordand pays theclaims to the policyholder – £1. 4 million.

Lloyd’s of London deals insurance for the world’s biggest and most spectacular risks – the space shuttle ferries have been insured by Lloyd’s as well as the legs of exceptional athletesand film actresses. If the legendary Scottish sea monster “Nessie” should ever appear, a hotel owner on Loch Ness has insurance coverage.

In formulating its insurance policies, Lloyd’s followed the example of earlier Italian policiesfrom Florence: “And we, the insurers, agree that this draft of the insurance policy should have as much legal force and validity as the safest document ever made in London. ”

The Lloyd Code of Conductforbidden including high-risk speculationto avoid jeopardising the cash assets of insurers to cover a claim. This is surely a reason for the high reputation that the name Lloyd’s enjoys

Insurance policy
The policy – documents the contract with the insurer. It authenticates the conclusion of an insurance policy and proves the agreed insurance cover.

The word “police” is derived from the Italian “polizza” and means promiseor obligation. The earliest copy of a policy was issued in Italy in 1547.

(4) Tiverso Animal Insurance

The insurance industry inspires with exciting stories of imaginativeheroes. Tell us about your insurance highlight. Your highlight with TIVERSO.

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